Venture X Bethlehem

3 Phase Video Campaign to Showcase Venture X Bethlehem


Client: Venture X Bethlehem

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Design, Casting, Writing, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Video Development 

Milk Creative partners with Venture X to deliver a video campaign for their Bethlehem location. Milk Creative wanted to focus on 3 objectives

  1. Showcase entrepreneurial characters on the go. By doing such it would establish who their audience base could and should be. 
  2. Write a script with high frequency words associated with business, creativity, home and success. 
  3. Capture iconic locations in the Lehigh Valley to help tell the story of having a world class space at home, or “In their backyard.”

A video campaign with iconic locations of the Lehigh Valley. Venture X is a collaborative work space prominently found in metropolitan areas. Therefore they needed to create a video campaign that would draw people to their website for education and sales.

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Writer : Joseph A Berrios

Project Management : Joseph A Berrios

DP: Tin Vu

Director: Tin Vu, Joseph A Berrios

Editor: Tin Vu

Development: Tin Vu, Joseph A Berrios

Graphics: Brandon Graser

Audio Engineer: Jason Wegfhart 

Executive Producers: Tin Vu, Joseph A Berrios, Monsob Sin, Brandon Graser